Rochester Prairie Wednesday 1-2:30pm

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Iowa is known to have one of the most altered landscapes of any state. Less than one tenth of one percent of native tallgrass prairie remains in the state. The Oak Savanah, a park like mixture of prairie plants and oak trees, is even harder to find. Fortunately we have one of the best examples of oak savannah in the state at nearby Rochester Cemetery. Since the hills here have never been plowed, every spring is a spectacular show of native prairie wildflowers. Come join us to find what is in bloom (usually shooting stars, lousewort, blue-eyed grass, and puccoon this time of year), Wednesday, May 7th from 1-2:30pm.

Directions: The quickest way is to take I-80 East to Exit 267. Take Hwy 38 North (towards Tipton) and turn left on Cemetery Rd. Continue to the Rochester Cemetery sign. You can also approach from county road F-44 (the Springdale Road), turn right on Cemetery Road just past the Cedar River.