Students Attend Open Minds, Open Doors Conference!

The Open Minds, Open Doors conference was held on October 8th.  The focus was on middle school girls learning about careers in science, technology, engineering and math.  It was sponsored by the Grant Wood AEA, the American Association of University Women, Coe College and Workplace Learning Connection.  Over five hundred middle school girls from twenty-seven SE Iowa schools were present.  They each attended two workshops, a STEM Expo and a Physics presentation.  The presenters were comprised of professional working women.  Four girls from the ICHSAP attended.  Here are their comments and photos:  

“My favorite part was when we walked around and visited all of the booths.  They had all sorts of stations, and my favorite booth was the one where you got to control a robot.  Another booth I liked had beads that changed color in the sun. I also really enjoyed the 3D TV you could take apart using a remote control!!  I got to build a speaker, too, using chemistry.  It actually worked and it was loud and clear!!!  The experience made me realize how spectacular all those subjects are!  I was really fascinated by all the nice things we could do.”  –Kailyn SpeerImage

“My favorite part about open minds open doors was the expo. I loved how they had different people for us to talk to, as well as the different examples and things that they brought to show us.”  –Stazia Kirk

“The conference was amazing, very hands-on and interactive.  I enjoyed myself a lot.  I learned a lot about surgery and had fun extracting DNA from kiwi.  I thought going opened my mind to different career possibilities.”  –Sienna Schaffner<a