Iowa City Home School Assistance Program

The mission of the Iowa City Community School District’s Home School Assistance Program is to provide resources, enrichment activities and support to families who choose to home school their children.

Pam Peters, Supervising Teacher.  Peters.Pam [at] iowacityschools.org

Amy Baum, Supervising Teacher.  Baum.Amy [at] iowacityschools.org

Stephanie Phillips, Home School Administrator.  Phillips.Stephanie [at] iowacityschools.org

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To enroll, contact us and fill out a registration form. Note: families who are not residents of the ICCSD must open enroll into the district in order to participate in the Iowa City Home School Assistance Program. Open enrollment deadlines for students entering grades 1-12 is March 1st. The deadline for students entering kindergarten is September 1st. [Open enrollment applications and directions.]

Each home school family must have at least four contacts with a supervising teacher per quarter (minimum of sixteen contacts per school year). At least half of these contacts must be face-to-face with the child or children.  At the end of the school year, each HSAP family will complete an Education Summary. Please see the left sidebar for links to Home School Handbook and Forms.

The ICHSAP follows the Iowa City Community School District calendar.  The program also follows district cancellations, late starts  and early dismissals due to inclement weather. ICHSAP closes during the summer.

Please see the district website for ICCSD Graduation Requirements for Home School Students [bottom of the page].

Iowa Department of Education Requirements

For more information on home schooling in Iowa, please see Private Instruction at the Iowa Department of Education website.

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